Our Vision

As Polattürk, we strive for a world living inside the nature.

We are aware of all of the benefits that the world presents for us. These benefits are becoming artificial as the industry and technology advance. Even though this artificiality seems to facilitate humans' lives, it destroys the world and the entire humanity slowly in the long term. Humans' health deteriorates each passing day.

We, as Polat Türk, are aware of the fact that people want a healthier and more comfortable life; and of their longing for things they cannot reach or do due to the present conditions. Based on this fact, we manufacture products aiming at the comfort in health by observing the nature and using technology.

We try to create a better future each passing day.

We have always believed in the power of our brands in enhancing the life quality of people and that they do right things. As POLATTÜRK family grows, our responsibilities also increase. We know that global problems relate to all of us..