• Completely Natural

    Raw Materials Collected from Nature for you

  • Natural and Effective Care

    Potion coming from natural plants

  • Healthy and Natural

    Feel the touch of naturalness and health in your face

  • For health generations

    Our children deserve a secure future

Mescare catalogue and video of products

  Four You

Mescare products are produced with the guarantee of Polattürk after a long and comprehensive R&D process in order to meet peoples' need for quality and natural products.

Special Ozonized Formula

Natural formulas prepared diligently has been strengthened with ozone, the most effective purifier and structurer of the nature.

Vegetable Natural Formula

Completely natural based formula acquired from plants collected and selected diligently.

Quality Raw Materials

Vegetable raw materials used for production by being preserved under right conditions without losing their active substances.

  Natural Miracles

  We say

Polattürk Group

As Polattürk, we try to do what is right for the future of the entire humanity. We believe this will make us healthier, more peaceful and happier.

R&D Management

We implement a quite detailed, sensitive and technical R&D process by considering the entire family members and more importantly the future rather than the present. We offer products to you, which we can have our own babies and family members use.


Unfortunately, today we are defeated by many diseases especially by cancer despite the advanced technology. And we believe the origin of such diseases emerge from our distancing from naturalness. So, we produce all of our products based on naturalness.

Why ozonized

Ozone is the strongest natural disinfectant in the world effacing bacteria and viruses. Additionally, ozonized materials increase the power by 70%. This makes each product you use more effective and natural.